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Andie Hight is a talented psychic medium who has been invited to participate in a several double-blind studies of mediums by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in Petaluma, CA. She was the only U.S. medium to participate in a collaborative study between IONS and the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland into prenatal spiritual communications. She was also named in June 2022 as Berkeley's Best Psychic Reader by During the summer of 2023, Andie is taking a much needed break from her work. She hopes to return to readings in the fall.


Andie has been sensing and seeing those in the spirit realm since the age of four. A life-threatening illness in 2000 brought her skills to a new level of awareness and connection, and the information coming to her was much more detailed, easy to access, and undeniably accurate.


Inspired and called to the work, Andie has provided countless medium and spiritual intuitive readings for clients nationwide. She does the majority of her remotely. 


In 2010, Andie launched the Wisdom Radio podcast to explore life's divine mysteries. That show has over 100,000 podcast downloads to date. Additionally, Andie recently published her first book, Whispered Wisdom, and plans to release her second book, Say What? A Reluctant Medium's Memoir.

Download the free e-book, Whispered Wisdom. Say What? is not yet available.




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