Andie Hight recently ranked 1st in a six-month mediumship study conducted by a well-respected paranormal research institute in California. Her score was significantly higher than the average score of the other top mediums invited to participate in the study. Subsequently, she has been invited to become a certified medium by The Scottish Society for Psychical Research and to join 25 other certified mediums from around the world. That certification process is a lengthy process and will be concluded in 2020.


Andie has been sensing and seeing those in the spirit realm since the age of four. A life-threatening illness in 2000 brought her skills to a new level of awareness and connection, and the information coming to her was much more detailed, easy to access, and undeniably accurate.


Inspired and called to the work, Andie has provided countless medium and spiritual intuitive readings for clients from Connecticut to California.

As a gifted channel and spiritual medium, Andie helps her clients connect with inner wisdom and spirit guides for greater clarity, and with loved ones who have passed for a greater sense of resolution and peace.

The insights and guidance are gentle and interactive. Andie focuses on helping her clients clarify and hear the subtle clues and messages coming through from higher realms that help them to lose fear and move freely and without hesitation. She also connects with and answers questions on behalf of her clients from their loved ones who have passed away.

She keeps her rates lower than the industry standard to help people from all socio-economic backgrounds. The less she knows prior to your reading the better, so when you leave a message for Andie to call you back, please only provide your first name and the best way to reach you.

$90 for a one-hour session

$60 for a 30 minute session

A recorded transcript is made available to her clients following the session.

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