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Barb in Westbrook, CT

Andie has amazing intuitive abilities. I find it fascinating that she’s able to access past lives and ancient wisdom through her spirit guide Dancing Eagle. She’s also a gifted Medium. She contacted my departed grandmother and father and there is no way she could have known what she relayed to me during that session. I’m convinced she’s the real deal. Andie is truly gifted and the insights I’ve gained with her during various sessions are priceless.


Erika in Rodeo, CA
This by far was the most amazing experience. I recommend having a reading, I believe my daughter and I have better closure after our loss.

Sally in Oakland

Andie did a reading on-site at my old house. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the past inhabitants. She's the real deal and I highly recommend her!


Alison in San Fran Bay Area
I immediately trusted Andie because she held a humble respect and made me feel that the reading was for my empowerment. I appreciated how she took the time to write out the reading and share it with me. She made me feel safe and cared for which made the delivery of the reading impactful and positive. I would highly recommend Andie- after my first reading, it is evident that her clients matter a great deal to her and that her work is truly for the benefit of others. I've been following her suggestions and they've been helping with my goals within only a couple of days.

Sarah in Oakland, CA

My reading with Andie was incredible. With only my first name and my phone number, we scheduled a reading over the phone. She created a calming environment for me, and was able to immediately connect to my loved ones. Her messages were comforting and were 100% accurate, providing names of family that had passed on and even mentioning family history that I wasn't even aware of and later confirmed with my mother. I can't recommend Andie enough for those that are struggling with a loss.

Cat in Los Angeles

I really enjoyed my session with Andie. We had a 1 hour phone session and was able to talk with me same day within a few hours. I felt scared at first because of other readings I had in the past that focused too much on future outcomes and timelines but Andie's approach felt more about striving to be aligned to your highest self and unraveling life's mysteries as bigger questions about self discovery. At the same time she felt grounding which I felt comforted by. She was right about everything I had been feeling and even was in touch with both my grandmother's who had passed. What I also really appreciated was after our session, she sent an email with highlights from our talk and helpful advice with each note. Considering all of this, I felt it was very affordable compared to others. She sends an invoice at the end and I had a yelp offer which I asked about and the invoice was quickly revised to honor it.
Andie is such a gift in this realm of therapy, I highly recommend


Lila in Oakland, CA
I called Andie yesterday for a reading. The only information I gave her was the name of the person I wished to hear from. Andie was able to connect to my daughter who recently died. I cherish the message she gave me and the LOVE that came through. She confirmed for me what I knew in my heart but needed to see in black and white. I am so happy I decided to call her. Andie's energy is grounded down to earth and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Jamie in Concord, CA
I would give Andie more than 5 stars if I could. Her approach is very unique...My reading made so much sense to me. I feel like it will change all areas of my life. Andie is one of a kind! You will be happy to connect with her on a spiritual level.


Susan in Reno, NV
Over the weekend I had a reading performed by Andie. My daughter had passed away earlier this year and her death had left many unanswered questions for friends and family. Andie has a unique approach to connecting with those who have crossed over. With just a single question and my daughter's name, Andie was able to describe with incredible detail how my daughter looked before dying and even what her personality was like. The question asked was answered, and there was no doubt in either my mind or my family's mind that it was my daughter communicating through Andie and her spirit guide Dancing Eagle. A few days after the reading the messages became even more compelling as I had more clarity in interpreting what my daughter had said, even as to whom the messages were intended for. I would recommend Andie to anyone seeking to contact a departed loved one, as she gently begins the healing process through use of her gift.


Jake in Richmond, CA
My father passed away several years ago and I often feel his energy. With a warm and caring spirit Andie was able to gently confirm his presence in my life and convey his messages and guidance for me. All without any prior knowledge of my dad! Since our session, I feel even more connected to my father's energy and I am very grateful to Andie for helping me come to peace with his transition. This experience has really helped me grow and find resolution in my life. I have since referred a friend that also had amazing results working with Andie!


Theresa in Oakland, CA
I came away from my session with a greater sense of calm and empowerment -- more so than I had felt in a long time. Andie allowed me to truly tune in to my inner self and get in touch with my basic needs I had been unconsciously denying for some time. I highly recommend!!


Tracy in Virginia Beach, VA
I really love the messages and insights that come through to Andie from her spirit guides and enjoy reading them over and over again.


Andrew in Charleston, NC
I constantly marvel at Andie’s ability to connect with her spirit guides and the poetry and wisdom gained through the exchange… it’s truly kinetic energy.


Reggie in Los Angles, CA
I had just begun a process of a much-needed retreat to clear away some inner static and realign with my soul’s work. Little did I know that it was to begin with my heart. I am so deeply grateful to Andie and Dancing Eagle for this opening.


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